Sunday, April 7, 2013

New puppy!

Third times a charm right?? Well yesterday I got a new lil guy! He is a cockapoo and he is 11 weeks old and weighs 2.8lbs. He is adorable!! He looks just like my Bentley boy. He was supposed to be auctioned off at the Diablos Casino Capers Charity Event last night but I just couldnt say good bye to him. So around 2 oclock yesterday I went and picked up his brother and got him for the auction. He was a bit smaller and a lighter color and had a pink and brown nose. He wound up going for $1500 to a cute couple who was expecting twin boys. They were IN LOVE with him and named him Diesel. As for my little squirt I have not named him yet but Im REALLY leaning towards Oakley. I think it fits him well and goes with Bentley and Bailee nicely. His first night here was a bit difficult. He was up a lot of the night and I couldnt keep him in the kennel because i felt so bad that he was crying. So he slept with me and the other two. I was up ALL night long with him. Later today all 3 dogs will be getting a bath after I get home from my Origami Owl party. He is a great little pup though and fits perfect with the rest of the family!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Puppies 2nd Birthday

Just wanted to write a special post saying Happy 2nd Birthday to Jade, Daisy, Ollie, and Ruby! I cant believe you pups are 2 years old already! It seems like yesterday that I was having the time of my life watching you pups being born! It was the most amazing experience of my life and I would not trade it for anything! Miss you guys so much but know you are with amazing families who love you so much! Couldnt be happier that you are with the Mahers, Fullers, and Hydes! Hope you 4 are getting spoiled on your birthdays!! XOXO

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you! As its getting closer to midnight I can't help but look back on 2012 and think of everything that has happened. Lots of engagements and babies born and lots of weddings too. For the most part it was a very happy and great year! I think I grew as a person and have learned a bit on saving money. (Especially now with my new house pending) But I also look back and think of one thing I did lose this year, my sweet Lago boy. For some reason thinking about him tonight has brought me to tears and very sad. It has been 6 months now that we have been without his sweet face. I miss seeing him. Sometimes I will call at Bacardi and accidently say Lago instead. Bacardi is now my new buddy she attached to me and my pups I think because she felt alone with out Lago around. So I am more then happy to have her follow me around the house and want to be pet and loved all the time. She sleeps upstairs in my room now too and as loud as it is I love hearing her snore at night. So tonight as I bring in the New Year with my family and friends and dogs, I will be thinking of you sweet Lago boy and hope you are having a great time in puppy heaven! Love you bubba!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday!!

So this year I decided to get out there and do a little black friday shopping! It was TONS of fun! I got some smokin deals at Target, Macy's and Express! But I would have to say my favorite place was PETSMART!! They had 50% off all of their Christmas stuff for your pups! Other things were also on sale as well. I was SUPER excited to find that the Greenies were on sale because they are SO expensive!! So of course I had to by a box of those! I also picked up a pair of matching Martha Stewart onesie Pajamas for both the pups! Bentley got red and black and Bailee got pink and purple of course! They had some really cute stockings as well so this year the dogs will have their own stockings to hang by the fireplace. Can hardly wait til Christmas!!

Today we also went to Kiwanis Park with a bunch of my friends and their kids. Since I don't have any babies yet, I brought my furry babies with me! I think they had a good time. Some of the kids liked them and some were afraid, but they both handled it very well and let the kids do whatever to them. (Whether that be poking their eyes or pulling their hair) It was good to get out with them though and spend some quality time together. After the park though we went straight home and each of them got a bath to get all the germs from the other dogs off of them. So now we have clean, fresh smelling puppies! What a great day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nice Weather!!

Finally it has cooled down here in Az! That means more walks and more play time outside! The pups are loving it! Bentley and Bailee are loving being able to go on walks during the day. They dont get super hot which is very nice. Although this might mean more baths for Bailee. Her white coat gets SO DIRTY walking on the streets. Bentley is enjoying playing fetch when I come home from work, even though it turns into Bailee just getting the ball every time and him watching her. She is such a little stinker. It seems like there is also more pet events this time of year which only makes sense. No one wants to take their furry little friend out in the blazing hot summers. So we will definitely be attending lots of puppy events this fall/winter! Here are some pics of the past few days of puppy play times!

Tucker and Bailee Playing
 Tucker and Bailee
 Bent Shan and Bay just chillin on the stairs
 She is so pretty!! JUST LOVE BACARDI!
 My little princess Bailee... melts my heart
 Handsome Bentley with his Ball! My love My Life!
 Playing fetch is so fun!

 Play Fights!! Rough and Wild lil pups!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's wintertime!! Keep those pups warm!

It's getting colder by the day, but in many parts of the world, the coldest is yet to come. As we change out our wardrobes and get our cars ready for winter, it is important to remember your dog! There are plenty of winter hazards out there. Here are somecold weather tips to help keep your dog safe and warm this winter:
  1. Do not leave your dog outside unsupervised.
  2. Provide a heated bed and shelter for dogs who cannot come indoors.
  3. Get sweaters or jackets for little dogs or dogs with little to no hair.
  4. Watch those feet! If your dog will tolerate it, consider foot protection booties. This can keep your dog safe from objects hidden by the snow, plus prevent slipping on ice and irritated paw pads from salt on surfaces.
  5. When walking your dog near ice, use extra caution and keep your dog close by to avoid slipping. Do not allow your dog to run across frozen bodies of water - he could fall into icy water if the ice is too thin!
  6. If you use a fireplace, keep a safety guard on the front to keep your dog away from the flames and soot. Do not leave a fire unattended.
  7. If your dog is excessively shaking or shivering, get him back to warm shelter as soon as possible.
  8. Avoid letting your dog eat snow - keep fresh room temperature water available at all times.
  9. Beware antifreeze! It is highly toxic! Keep your eyes on your dog at all times - and keep antifreeze out of reach.
  10. Keep food and water in a place where they willnot freeze - preferably inside!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dog Days

The past 10 days I had been babysitting down the street and had to stay the night there. Unfortunately Bentley and Bailee had to stay home with my Mom and Dad. It really kinda sucked being away from them that long knowing that they were just down the street but I couldnt have them stay the night with with me since I had to work early in the morning. On Friday night though I did have them stay over with me but it was A NIGHTMARE! The peoples house I was at had cats and anytime the dogs heard them make a sound it was a barkfest! So if I wanted to get any sleep I had to keep them at home for the rest of the weekend. Its just crazy how much these two little boogers mean to me. I missed them like they were my kids. On Halloween I was even having a hard time not being home with them cause I wanted to be there passing out candy to the kids with the pups in their costumes. So this weekend I am planning to spend much needed time with the two (three Bacardi counts too!) since I have neglected them the past 10 days! Tomorrow we are having a garage sale and the pups will definitely be out there trying to sell all the goods! Happy November!